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If you are on the fence about whether or not to schedule a Bombshell Boudoir sitting, I am telling you to not wait another day. Top 10 Best Decisions I have ever made. I took the photos for my fiance but now I have photos that I will treasure forever. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my photos would turn out as they did. They are stunning ... Jamaica is such a professional that captured my "sexy beotch" side. Then there's Jamaica's beautiful personality, calming charisma and a rockin' attitude - a perfect combination. Seriously, I felt like I knew her from the moment we first spoke on the phone. I know I have a friend for life and I can't wait to schedule another sitting. She is that good!

I bought a Livingsocial deal to get Boudoir photographs taken. Before purchasing I emailed Jamaica with some questions - I'm over 40, I've got cellulite, rolls, bumps and gravity has of course taken its toll. She responded to all of my questions professionally and thoroughly and sent me a link to her website to preview photos. I kept putting off my session until I realized that it was about to expire!! I had no time and so I emailed her again, she graciously stated she would accept the voucher still as is and we went about setting up my time. I was nervous, insecure and frankly - not feeling sexy at all. Jamaica answered every question, offered suggestions, gave me tips, ideas, and most of all - confidence. I had a blast during my photo shoot. I laughed so much and Jamaica and her assistant did everything that afternoon to make me feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. When I saw my photos... I was stunned. I couldn't believe it was me! I took the boudoir photos for myself, not a spouse but now I wish I could show EVERYONE! I've never liked my looks or taking pictures but my experience makes me want to do a shoot every year! She captured someone inside of me and I am thrilled with the results!

“Boudoir pictures? Me?! How'd that happen? I'm very much a jeans-and-white-shirt kind of girl, but after 1 dog, 4 moves, 2 children, and 7 years of marriage, I wanted to do something to really surprise my husband. I NEVER would have done this with any photographer other than Jamaica Wexelman because I could tell from the first time I met her that she is respectful, attentive and concerned with capturing the essence of her subjects- which she did. The look on my husband's face as he opened the book was unbelievable! And, just the other day after looking through the book, he came downstairs with a sheepish grin, saying that he can't believe that I'm his wife! Thank you, Jamaica!” -D

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw my pictures. You have captured “me” the way I see myself. Not in the mirror, but in my mind! They are extraordinarily beautiful and I don’t EVER like pictures of myself. I thought I would be embarrassed but you made the photo session so comfortable, easy and fun. I must admit I got a little carried away with it all and was able to let myself go with your direction and be silly and sexy and just have great fun with it all. I thought it would be uncomfortable posing in front of a camera without my Clothes, but on the contrary, it was quite liberating. Your imagination and creativity in organizing the setting was classically beautiful. Thank you for your beautiful work. You truly are great at what you do!” -J

“There's nothing like being able to show a hidden side of yourself that no one has seen before. Jamaica creates an environment that lends this expression to naturally want to come out.” -A

“Jamaica is wonderful to work with- she has an eye for bringing out the inner person into the outer canvas. I was so stunned by the results of my photos. I am very glad I was brave and let her reveal my inner goddess. I look forward to another photo shoot outdoors:-)” -M

“My boudoir pictures turned out amazing! Jamaica is very professional and I felt very comfortable with her. Jamaica's artistic and tasteful vision blew my husband away!” -M

“Jamaica creates such an incredibly comfortable and fun atmosphere. Her wardobe and set ideas are creative and she knows just how to bring out your best assets! I had never revealed any skin in photos previously and was surprised how easy Jamaica made it to find my inner siren! The finished product...I looked amazing! Can't wait to book another shoot!" -S

“You have fun and your amazing at what you do!!!” -A

crafted by photobiz